Costco Wholesale is committed to environmental protection and safety in all aspects of our fuel business. Costco's business philosophy emphasizes long-term trust relationships with our members and employees, all of whom live and work in the communities we serve.


The best environmental and safety features of Costco fuel stations are our trained fuel attendants. Attendants must pass a certification test before they can work at a Costco fuel station. Our attendants work at the fuel islands so they can respond immediately to any safety or environmental issue.


All Costco fuel stations have corrosion-proof double-wall underground storage tanks and piping. Everything underground is continuously monitored for leaks via an electronic monitoring system. The entire station will automatically shut down if a leak is detected. These electronic alarm systems are monitored around the clock by both our employees and an outside service.


All Costco fuel stations have vapour recovery systems to help prevent vapour displaced during refuelling to escape and pollute the atmosphere. Although such systems adds significantly to our costs we believe that investing in the long term sustainability of the environment makes good business sense. Costco works cooperatively with various government agencies to stay at the forefront of our common air pollution control efforts.


The best equipment in the world doesn't prevent the occasional surface spill. Spilled fuel is a safety as well as an environmental concern, so we train our fuel station attendants on how to properly clean up a surface spill. Every Costco fuel station operates with a spill kit on the fuel islands.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) for Environment Protection Licence 20720 Costco Casula Fuel Station-2015   Costco Marsden Park Fuel Station-2017


Trained and certified Costco attendants stationed on the fuel islands make our fuel stations safe places to buy fuel. Our employees help members in a variety of ways, including aid to anyone requiring physical assistance in fuelling their vehicle. They are charged with enforcing the Australian laws and regulations, including prohibitions against smoking, leaving the engine running, or filling portable containers not certified for such use.


Our Kirkland Signature Fuels range include additives which are designed to minimize engine deposits that can affect a vehicles performance and emissions. The various proprietary deposit control additive formulations are the main difference between brands of fuels. All Costco fuels contain deposit control additives which have undergone testing which shows positive effects on your vehicles engine performance.

How Kirkland Signature Petrol Additive works


How Kirkland Signature Diesel Additive works


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