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What is Costco?

Costco is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise. We provide a wide selection of merchandise, plus the convenience of specialty departments and exclusive member services, all designed to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.  

The Costco Concept

At Costco, you'll find everything from groceries to electronics to clothing and cleaning supplies - all in one warehouse. We're able to bring you such great savings because of our enormous buying power, and you get to enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping. 

Our categories include: 

  • Fresh foods
  • Snacks and candy
  • Dry groceries
  • Frozen foods
  • Designer clothing 
  • Cosmetics
  • Housewares
  • Office supplies 
  • Sundries 
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Books and media
  • Health and beauty
  • Lawn and garden
  • Designer clothing 
  • Small appliances
  • Televisions and computers ... and much more!
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How it works

Your annual membership fees allow us to keep overhead costs down and pass the savings on to you. Our members can quickly re-coup the cost of their membership through the money they save by shopping with us. Our no-frills philosophy means most of the merchandise is displayed on its original shipping pallets or on steel shelves. By handling product as little as possible, costs stay low. 

Costco's Operating Strategy

Our goal is to provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. We are able to accomplish this by operating large, no-frills, low cost facilities in the most efficient manner possible. We offer a wide range of national and internationally branded product categories with a narrow selection of the most popular items and styles within each category. 

Our buying team selects products which appeal to business owners as well as members who shop for their home and family needs. 

Our Merchandising Strategy

Costco is able to offer products at substantially reduced prices by eliminating many of the operating costs inherent in traditional retail stores. Products are packaged, displayed, and sold in bulk quantities in a no-frills warehouse atmosphere on the original shipping pallets. This allows for effiecient storing and moving of products. Warehouses are self-service and members' purchases are packaged into empty product boxes. 

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